How to Work with Numbers in BigQuery

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Firstly, there would be the function IS_NAN(). This helps you to check if the value you want to calculate is a valid number or a NaN (Not a Number).



This function helps you to find the largest value from a…

Opinion — Why Big Tech Companies will continue their Growth in the Future

Possible Trends and Tendencies

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  • IBM
  • Google
  • Salesforce
  • Amazon
  • etc. [1][2]

How to work with BigQuery by using Python

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Setting up your Environment

The integration of libraries via an import command is essential for the communication between BigQuery and Google Datalab…

Using the Concepts of Storytelling, Acceptance Criteria and the Big Idea

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User Stories

A user story is a software requirement formulated in everyday language and is deliberately kept short. For a deeper dive I would recommend the following article [1]. In this example, I was actually able to keep the user story very short, as…

3 Reasons for why knowing your User is crucial for creating a good product

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Reason 1: User Research makes sure that the created Product is truly relevant

User Research can be extremely helpful to create a solid base for a good product design. By researching before the actual creation process, companies can detect the truly important features that users would like to have to meet their expectations and needs. User Research is…

What exactly is a CIO and what do they do?

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What is a CIO?

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) generally performs tasks of strategic and operational management of information technology (IT) in a company. The CIO fulfills a cross-sectional task and should be able to negotiate at eye level with the board members, e.g., CEO or CFO [1].

What is his Job?

The basic tasks of an IT manager is to ensure the operation of the IT systems and supporting the IT infrastructure. Due to the high level of dependency and…

Using useful Metrics for calculating the Return of Investment

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What is ROI?

Costs Savings

Continue to host infrastructure, on-premise companies will notice that operating their own infrastructure in-house means large investments into their own hardware and software. But also other…

How to connect Data Studio to a MySQL Database

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Configure the Database Connector

Under the menu item “Add data to report” you can then…

How you can improve Customer Satisfaction in Data Science

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Jira Forms

With Jira Forms you can easily record feature requests from the business digitally. All you need is a free Jira account (usable with up to 10 people) and you’re ready to go.

How you can easily test MySQL Database Connections

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Set Up your Database

Step 1: Set up an Account
Just go to the website and create your free account via email. This includes phpMyAdmin and 5 MB of storage.


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