How to use modern Visualizations to make your Reports easily understandable

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Besides the typically known diagrams with lines, bars or simple tables many new graphical representation variants are becoming more and more popular. The most popular BI tools such as Google Data Studio, MS Power BI and others already offer most of these or provide them via their community [1]. For the examples below, I used Google Data Studio — you can use it for free [2].

When you have just a few numbers to present, you can use a simple text to make your statement shine [3].

And why you should start small

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In a time where everyone is talking about Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and how you can build up new data driven products or even dream about to create a new unicorn — often you just need some simple dashboard skills. And not every company needs the big data wave right away. The important thing is to first make the decision to start and to implement the first things, for example in the form of a PoC.

When you have a lot of customer data and your business is for example an big online shop you will definitely have…

How to successfully implement both Jira and Agile Project Management in the Field of Data

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Whether you are a project manager or a product owner, a project management tool and some basic agile techniques will significantly help you manage your project or product. At the very least, these tools will give you, the management, and your team a better overview. In addition, the results can be a faster implementation, fewer queries, better time estimation and greater motivation. In the following article, I want to provide you some points that can help you improve your project management and the underlying user stories.

Here, like the headline already suggests, I would recommend Jira — the standard software…

How to get started with Analytics in the Field of Controlling and making the right Business Decisions

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How can one make the right business decisions and what are the basic KPIs in this area? Whether you are a data scientist, analyst or business analyst, it is useful to understand what the individual departments actually do. What are their goals? How do they directly or indirectly earn their money? How can the success be measured? These questions with their respective answers helped me to understand the key figures of the individual departments. Especially in the area of controlling, data analytics will become more and more important. As a result, some companies already help their controlling departments to gain…

How to build up a Data Driven Company

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To understand new topics such as Data Science, Big Data and Co., I would recommend to read and understand a figure that is called the Data Science Pyramid[1][2]. The described chart can be very helpful for every consultant and data-driven employee and help with various questions such as:

  • Where does a company currently stand on data-related topics?
  • What are the big issues that should be addressed?
  • What can be the next stages of development?
  • What are the prerequisites? …

Therefore, I want to provide an easy-to-adopt framework in the following article.

The first step can actually be considered previously, before…

Selecting the ideal Solution for the Business

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From the wish of a new tool to do this or that better and in a more efficient way to the implementation of a software, you should be aware of certain steps you should take before making a final decision. The following article provides a short guideline for the selection process [1].

How to use Open Data for Business Insights

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In this walkthrough, I will use OpenStreetMap data from BigQuery. It’s great that Google published it for free in their public data sets. So you can easily query geo information with SQL [1]. Google uploaded their data set once without any updates yet. If you need newer data, then the OpenStreetMap API in combination with some simple python code might be a possible solution for your problem. is an international project founded in 2004 with the goal of creating a free map of the world. …

How to improve Data Quality — A Walkthrough with Google’s BigQuery

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The Data is Wrong — A unknown data user

One of the most unpleasant moments in the life of every project or product manager is when the business department complains about the data quality. The problems can be of different nature. Errors in the source system, ETL process or in the report. Here, it is a good idea to set up a monitoring system and to monitor the source systems and the ETL process. In addition, it makes sense to check the data quality, this can be realized by monitoring and data reconciliation between source and target systems. …

The Basics every Data Enthusiast have to know about

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As a data analyst, data engineer or data scientist, you often come into contact with data in JSON format. But also managers with an affinity for data or employees from different departments often get the opportunity to address an API and provide data for a dashboard or similar. Here, you often work in JSON format, so it can be useful to know the most basic things about it to get data quickly and easily into, for example, a Python DataFrame.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a data-interchange format. …

I really enjoy working with Alteryx but mostly in the data engineering part. Here it's a good alternative to e.g. talend. But for most Data Science tasks, me and others rather use just a python notebook. I also see the problem that you pay a lot for an on-prem license while AWS, Google and other big cloud providers offer same tools but as a pay as you go model - that's especially for smaller companies a better fit. I am curious of how Alteryx will change within the next months...


Big Data Enthusiast based in Hamburg and Kiel.

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