Google makes Data Studio even more powerful by connecting it even more with Google Maps.

With Google Data Studio you can create geo charts based on Google Maps. Google Maps in Data Studio can be customized and connected to all data sources that contain valid geographic fields. Cool enough, Google has now increased the limit here.

You can now display up to 100,000 latitude and…

How to work with BigQuery by using a Python Notebook

Conveniently, using the BigQuery API and thanks to the Python BigQuery library, you can load data directly into BigQuery via Python.

Setting up your Environment

The integration of libraries via an import command is essential for the communication between BigQuery and Google Datalab. Datalab is the equivalent to a Jupyther Notebook but from Google…

Secure your Data Pipelines within Google Cloud

Along with Python tools and other data services, Google’s Data Transfer is a relatively easy-to-use service to perform data integration and transformations. It can also be used to integrate data sources such as AWS S3. This service has now received an interesting security update.

Recap: ETL and ELT with DTS

For all those who are not…

How you can protect your Data

Data protection is becoming an increasingly important issue. Companies want to avoid the risk of horrendous fines [1], however we all personally should handle personal data with confidence, because everyone wants their personal information to be handled responsibly.

Tension between Data Protection and Big Data

In relation to the topic of Big Data, there is a certain…

How to connect your Python Notebook to MySQL Databases

Often, data scientists or analysts have to access databases for example for ad-hoc analysis. Often, these are MySQL databases, here you can use the MySQL Connector to access a MySQL database from a Jupyter notebook.

First step is to install the connector via !pip install command:

!pip install mysql-connector-python


Opinion — Reach a brighter Medium Audience with Popular Tags

What are the most followed Tags besides Data Science, Programming, Technology, etc.?

To reach the right audience on Medium, you can tag your articles with up to five topic tags. Besides the perhaps better known tags like:

  • Technology (405.000)
  • Programming (286.000)
  • Javascript (160,000 followers)
  • Data Science (153.000)
  • Python (103.000)

There are also many other popular tags you can use when writing about…

Security for your Data Lakehouse

Use Session User in BigQuery

With the Session User function you can develop a user access concept in BigQuery via SQL relatively easily. Here is a short tutorial.


The function returns the email address of the user executing the query.

Example [1]:


Realize the Access Concept

Step 1: Firstly, one piece of information: The user…


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