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Relational databases, especially Microsoft SQL Server, have been among the most widely used tools for processing this data for decades. If you want to manage your data with the Cloud, you can simply use Azure VMs to host your own Microsoft SQL Server instances. Sometimes this is the right solution…

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One does not always necessarily come into contact with graph databases. But I think as a data engineer or scientist, for example, it never hurts to know the basics in case you do encounter a new project involving graph databases.

Graph Databases vs. (Traditional) Relational Databases

The graph database uses mathematical graph theory and stores data…

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After several projects in the field of data and IT, I noticed that working agile automatically brings the idea of quality management with it. This is not surprising, since both principles are very similar.

Quality Management Principles

The general principle of quality management is to improve the performance of an organization. They also…

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More and more professions are changing in the wake of digitization. In the future, employees in controlling will use SQL and Python instead of Excel, tax officials will rely on ML services, and managers will also be increasingly trained in technology like Data Analysis.

What is happening at the Moment

In addition to employees in, for…

Opinion — Experiences working as a Data Product Owner

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The features of a roadmap can also be useful in the field of Data Science. But how can one create such a concept? It only takes four simple steps to reach that goal: Firstly create or follow a vision, then infer a mission before finally finding a strategy that results…

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What distinguishes today’s database management systems from earlier ones and how will these systems develop in the current era of Big Data?

In the age of Big Data, customers, employees and analysts expect fast integration of different databases. They need solutions that can manage, integrate, and interact with their data…


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